"Adversity reveals a man's integrity
 and his brother's devotion".

                                                                 The Reaper Philosophy

                                                                       First on! Last Off!


 We believe in always doing our best in whatever we do, whether it's family, work, or play.   Our goal is to develop a small group of players who desire to make an immediate impact on the scenario paintball field by learning to compliment each others playing styles and pushing ourselves to be better.  We also believe in one of the main principles of Christ..that is...make everyone around you better and serve others in a humble fashion" 

Strength: To do our best we must have the strength and conditioning to go the be the first team on the field and the last team off. Stage 1 of obtaining making the squad, consists of passing a PT test.

Honor: We do not wipe nor cheat...ever. We compliment the other team on a shot or move well made and constantly encourage our own side to play their best. We make it a point to help new players and any player we notice who is having problems during a scenario.  Offensive, sexist and racist language will not be tolerated. 

Ability: Every Reaper is expected to be in attendance at a minimum of 2 practices and 4 major events each year. This continual play will enhance squad cohesion and increase individual abilities. For a greater challenge of abilities, Stage 2 for making this squad, consists of passing a marksmanship course.

Wisdom: Every Reaper is expected to learn the squad maneuver, communications, and signal doctrine reviewed at the squad practices. Stage 3, the final stage necessary to make the squad, consists of passing the yearly squad written exam.