"Adversity reveals a man's integrity
 and his brother's devotion".

Our philosophy for sponsorships is simple.  We never accept any nor do we ask for any, unless it is a product we have used extensively over the years without issues.  Our trust is built and if great customer service followers, we become believers.  We are blessed to have these sponsors because their products are the top of the line and they have outstanding customer service. 

                                      Planet Eclipse:  The best paintball markers in the world. 
                                                                      "Get More!"

                                                                  Indy Battlegrounds:
                                      The field owned by players and run for players.

We have our scenario called Predator's Bane here every April.  Great staff because the owners are paintball players and make sure players get what they need.  With Graffiti and an attitude  of gratitude, this field cannot help but succeed in creating a fun well run paintball experience.

                                         Valken and Valken Corps:  "Whatever it takes!"


                                         Integrity Shots:


BillyJack Medford will always give you %100 to get that money shot that makes you look  like a pro.  Fearless, and creative, just tell him what you want and he will deliver the photograph or video that you need!

Dana Turner
· February 3, 2017
Billy did an awesome job on the field at Dreaded Legends 2 getting great shots and taking a few in the process! He earned my respect and the Bloody Knuckles!

Great photography skills and not afraid to get into the action! Can't wait to attend another event that you will be capturing awesome moments at!