"Adversity reveals a man's integrity
 and his brother's devotion".



Maneuver:  Special Situations

1) Recon

  1st Platoon Fox Company

Oder of Battle/ squad formations

Oklahoma D-Day


  1. Provide recon and force recon for the 508th regiment

  2. Serve as QRF for the 508th regiment

  3. Act as 1st Platoon in Fox Company 508th PIR


Our first formation is file: Used to move quickly and quietly as possible from one point to another: Point is 15- 20 yards in front of CO. LF and RF make a triangle with even sides 15-20 yards from CO to point. Each trooper in the file has 5-10 yards spacing.




LF (left flanker)                                 RF (Right flanker)

Matt Chip



      Trooper 1

   Trooper 2

      Trooper 3

   Trooper 4

   Security 5


Our 2nd formation is Line: Used to bring as much firepower as possible to the front.

2 commands for this: Line Riley (make a line right) and Line Louie (make a line left) We use these commands to move from a file formation (depicted above) to a line formation ( depicted below).

  1. Line Riley (make a line to the right): Trooper 1 runs forward 5- 10 yards to right of CO, Trooper 2 runs forward to 5-10 yards to rt of trooper 1, trooper 3 runs forward to 5-10 yards of trooper 2, and so on. This all happens as quickly as possible and simultaneously.

  2. Line Louie is the the same but to the left.

  3. In both cases Security pulls forward half way to CO and keeps 6 cleared, unless CO commands him into line as well in which case he potions 5-10 yards to the left of CO for line Riley or to the right for line Louie. Security always protects the 6 unless commanded in which case he always moves opposite moves opposite of the call.

  4. Flankers fall straight back to the outer most part of the line LF on the left and RF on the right Point files in opposite side of call.

Line Riley Ending position:          

          Point, LF, CO, Trooper 1, Trooper 2, Trooper 3, Trooper 4,  RF

Line Louie ending position:  

LF, Trooper 4, Trooper 3, Trooper 2, Trooper 1, CO, RF,  Point