"Adversity reveals a man's integrity
 and his brother's devotion".

Reaper Discipline:

If you are reading this, I hope to congratulate you for your consideration in becoming a member of our squad.   Thank you for sharing the belief that a small squad of well disciplined players, who dedicate themselves to each other, can make a large impact on the scenario paintball field. I also want to thank you for sharing in our goal: Play harder and more honorable than any other team out there. We have been fortunate enough to win an amazing amount of MVT's/MVP's in only 5 years: 61!  Why?  We make it fun for all around us, we strive to play longer and harder than any other team during the scenario, we practice to improve, and we always play honorably.  Discipline is what sets you apart from those around you. 

A member of this team represents itself not only in how they act and play while on and off the field but also in how they look. It may not seem like much but if we all wear our colors (patches) in the same place it will reflect our attention to detail and add to the intimidation factor.  Let's discipline ourselves to represent in a manner that has purpose.

Each squad member is given the following patches upon becoming a Reaper:

Right shoulder-American flag, beneath it Grim Reaper team patch.

Left shoulder: Call sign , Personal patch, and Rank.


Back: Personal patch on top with Grim Reapers  below that and the bottom row.

"Outstanding Reaper" is awarded for the following 3 achievments: 100%  on written squad exam, 40 push ups and sit ups in 1 minute (min is 30), Mile run in 9 min in rough terrain in full gear (min is 12 min) and 100% in marksmanship class. 

Possible scenario awards: MVP(most valuable player}, MVT(most valuable team), SM(sportsmanship),MFO(most formidable opponent)