"Adversity reveals a man's integrity
 and his brother's devotion".


We expect a lot from each's how we have the most fun. Others may like to relax and play hard when convenient....good for them, but that's not how we have fun. We enjoy pushing ourselves and each other to the limit and we expect a Reaper to have the equipment, time, and commitment to keep up.

If requesting membership for the team please contact Jay "Shadowfox" or James "Rook" below.

You should receive a reply from one of the officers within 24 hours.  In order to join, you will have to show up at one of our practices and "try out."  Basically a "try out" is seeing how well you mesh with the team and keep up.  It should be a relaxing and fun day for everyone.  We also accept field requests at games for membership, basically just keep up with us on the field and enjoy the game!

Here are the requirements, we have 8:

First: $40 one time team dues to cover patches :   Team patch, Squad patch, Call Sign name plate, American Flag (showing our support of the military), Individual logox2, Rank....Award patches will be issued later for individual accomplishments, the cost of which you will not be responsible for.

Second: Reliable transportation

Third: 18 years of age or older (exceptions can be made for parents with child)

Fourth: Equipment:

     Baofeng Radios (30-40 bucks) see us for the current issue so that the firmware is compliant. 

     Valken V-Cam Zulu pants  

     Valken V-Cam Sierra or Echo shirt

     Valken V-Cam tactical Echo vest

     Planet Eclipse marker: CS1, LVL-1, Geo 3.5, Gtec, Etec 5, or an Etha

     Backup Planet Eclipse marker

     Hopper capable of keeping up with marker

     Backup Hopper

     Ninja air tank

     Backup ninja tank

      Thermal Mask

     After the year probationary period willing to sign a Planet Eclipse contract and abide 100% by     its provisions.

Fifth: The desire to play honorably, never wipe nor cheat, no matter what the enemy does. Good sportsmanship is a priority!

Sixth: The financial and time commitment to make at least 2 of the practices a year (this includes event practices) and at least 4 of the major events staying and playing both days if it's a two day event.  There is also a year end awards and planning banquet that you must attend and a scenario fund raiser that is required in April.  That's a minimum of 1 weekend 10 out of 12 months in a year. While at an event you are expected to be on the field least long as the Grim Reaper commander is.

Seventh: Pass the Reaper qualification tests: physical training (mile run in 12 min or under in the woods in full gear and 30 push ups and sit ups in 1 min), marksmanship (5 drills of speed, accuracy, snap, running, and long distance shooting) , and knowledge ( score 70% or better on 20 question true false written quiz

Eighth: Adhering to all by-laws after making the team.

Contact us

Any questions:

James  "Rook"

 Executive Commanding Officer, Grim Reapers Paintball Team

[email protected]

Jay ''Shadowfox''

Commanding Officer, Grim Reapers Paintball Team

[email protected]