"Adversity reveals a man's integrity
 and his brother's devotion".

Ref responsibilites

 Everyone will have the following responsibilities (see below). The field will be divided up into sectors with a mission ref in charge of that sector and the missions in that sector. He will have 2 other refs working with him. They will take care of any flag counts by moving to the flag 5 minutes before it is counted and they will also work to help the mission ref when he needs it if he asks for it. They will also just generally ref an area. Spread out!  Do not hang together we all know players like to see lots of refs who active, engaged, and know what they are doing...
General Ref responsibility:
  1. If a player goes, down run over and make sure he is okay...if his mask comes off jump on him and cover his face shouting “cease fire” do not wait to see if he gets it back on.

  2. Watch for wipers: punch their card and call me on the radio so I can deduct points. Dont let them intimidate you. You are the ref, your word I final. NEVER get angry, nor argue or yell back. If they abuse you let me know where you are at and I will be there to back you up, they will get their card punched.

  3. Remember if anyone touches tape they are dead ( tell them to re-insert) unless they are the specialist that can touch that color tape (Green tape scientist only, they will have green tape on arm...yellow tape engineer only..they will have yellow tape on arm, and red tape is medic only and they will have red cross armband)

  4. When you call someone out do not be timid...raise your right arm and yell “out, out! While pointing at player.

  5. A player using rocket launcher must come to you and present his card which you take and will punch it Rockets are ignored until they give you the card. Shots must be made within 1 minute. They can blow up any building not reinforced by and engineer except Predators Bane and the deep jungle base. Those can never be blown up. A two story building takes 2 cards to blow up. Again they must be used within 1 minute of each other.

  6. Engineer flags: Can only be carried by an engineer (yellow arm band) and when flown out the window or on top of a building make that building immune to rocket launchers.

  7. Everyone needs a watch or a timer.

  8. Styrofoam coolers can only be touched by players with a mission card.

  9. Red and blue water bottles and ammo boxes can only be touched by the appropriate young gun. They will have a white arm band on one arm and their team color on the other.

  10. Ammo cans must be protected by a young gun for 20 minutes before they can touch them. Then they are the only ones that can pick them up and carry them back to the base.

  11. Antennae once in place cannot never be moved nor touched again by either team.

  12. Props can only be touched by a player of the appropriate team color.

  13. If someone moves a prop or item of the other team put it back immediately call me and we deduct 50 points from their team score.

  14. Medic must hand you a card when healing someone. Collect these and turn them into the appropriate bases at the end of the session and give the card to the healed person telling them to turn this into the base for points.

  15. Encourage people...tell them when they make a good move, brag about them and build them up. You are our first line of making them want to come back. We want them to feel like the refs are friendly, firm, encouraging and competent.